This feature is the perfect place to learn about bushcraft skills with small group sessions to learn about fire lighting, tracking and Nordic brading…

Basic Fire lighting

We will show and explain how to light and build a fire, what resources are required to make a campfire/BBQ- this can be adapted for the age range.

Hands on experience on lighting a cotton wool bud using a fire steel- * This is a tiny flame and will not be used to build a real Campfire. It will not activate the fire alarm.

Everyone who does this task will receive a BushScout Fire lighting certificate


We will show and explain the basic principle of Tracking. Human and animal footprints.

These skills can then be learnt and used back at home in the garden to find out what animals have visited the garden or use them to track people in the local park.

We have a sand pit, that will use as a demo area an get the public to walk through it to show footprint and directions etc

Everyone who does this task will receive a BushScout Tracking certificate

Nordic Brading

The technique is called a Nordic slinging braid. Also known as a romantic braid because it requires two people and good cooperation! Using our Tripod and different colours of wool, using 4 bottles, each person must pass the bottle to the other persons’ hand. After a while, a bracelet has started to be woven.

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