22–23 Mar 2025 246 days to go! #GetOutside

Q&A with expedition chef and National Outdoor Expo speaker Kieran Creevy

We are delighted to announce that expedition and performance chef Kieran Creevy will be joining us at The National Outdoor Expo in March 2021. Kieran is also a mountain leader with 25 years’ experience leading and cooking on the mountains around the world. At the National Outdoor Expo, Kieran will be teaching hands-on outdoor cooking workshops over the two days.
You will have the opportunity to get stuck into creating simple yet gourmet tasting menus for a variety of outdoor activities, car camping, backpacking, sea kayaking and mountaineering.

  1. For a lot of us, cuisine when camping looks like beans from a tin, what are your three top tips for creating simple, healthy and delicious meals outdoors?
  • Plan your camping meals in advance. If you have a menu and ingredient list and a day or two in advance you will not be forced to shop at a petrol station on the road with minimal fresh/high quality ingredients to hand. You can eat healthier, potentially spend less, and depending on the market/ supermarket; minimise plastic packaging
  • Road-test your meals at home; that way you have a rough idea of how long it may takes/ to prep and cook when outdoors
  • Prepare as much as possible before you head outdoors; chop fresh veggies, decant into reusable containers – especially important if you’re trying to cook in cold/rainy conditions.
  1. What would you say are the key bits of equipment people need to be able to achieve this?

A good camping stove with a simmer function that you can trust. NB. If you haven’t used your stove in a few months/years, test it before going on your next outdoor adventure. A proper fixed blade knife, with a sheath. A lightweight wooden or bamboo chopping board. Insulated food canister: invaluable when cooking/eating warm/hot food in cold conditions, and for keeping fresh ingredients in good condition in warmer temperatures. A small offset spatula can’t think of a better camping utensil for cooking bread in a camp skillet/pan.

  1. What is your go-to meal when on a trip with friends or family?

Southern style polenta grits with jalapeño, coriander leaf, spring onion, black pepper, cumin and cheese. Served with either elk jerky or pan-fried trout – depending on the location/mode of transport etc.

  1. How should someone get started with the outdoor cooking movement?

Just try. You have to start somewhere. Try a favourite simple dish in your back garden on a camping stove.

  1. So other than being a phenomenal chef tell us a little bit about your Outdoor life

Thanks 🙂 I studied outdoor education for two years in a technical college, which combined with a little mentoring from an Irish mountaineering instructor led me to training for an International Mountain Leader qualification. I’m now studying for my Wilderness Arctic guides qualification. All told, I’ve been working on the mountains in a professional capacity for the last 25 years. I’ve been incredibly lucky to combine my love of the outdoors and good food together into a career.

  1. What can people expect from your demos at the Expo?

Simple, good food for the outdoors, with a variety of influences from Africa, Asia and Europe.

  1. Why is the outdoors so important to you?

The outdoors for me is not just a job, or a place of work, it’s part of my daily life. Even simple elements like going to the forest near my home for a morning walk produces a sense of calm that I don’t get from time in the city.

  1. What is your standout career highlight?

Probably a week-long mountain shoot in the French Pyrenees a few years back. The temperature, time of year and location were perfect. My friend and I got to spend a few days at a tiny mountain refuge, cook on an open fire (in a pre-prepared fire pit) using some amazing local ingredients and have glorious mountain wilds at our feet.

  1. Favourite place to get outdoors?

The Catalan Pyrenees in spring and autumn, followed closely by the Finnish Arctic in winter.

  1. One piece of equipment you couldn’t live without?

A sharp, reliable fixed blade knife.