22–23 Mar 2025 338 days to go! #GetOutside

Autumn and Winter in the great outdoors – how to extend the camping season by Tent Life

We have all been in lockdown and lost a lot of outdoor and camping time, that doesn’t mean we can’t camp outside of the summer season. There are plenty of things that you can do to camp in the cooler weather, after all Autumn and Winter are beautiful times of the year.
“No Bad Weather, only bad clothes”
Clothes are important it’s not t-shirt and shorts weather, invest in some base layers, thermal is the way to go, I use merino wool ones. Then it’s about layers, a fleece top, a good waterproof insulated jacket, some gloves or mittens and a hat, for trousers I wear windproof and water resistant with my merino leggings’ underneath. Don’t underestimate how vital a good pair of socks are and get on some waterproof boots or shoes with gaiters (especially if you’re off exploring). It’s important to stay warm, it’s easier than trying to get warm.
Camping in Autumn and Winter
The most important thing you can buy is a good insulated sleeping mat, this will protect you from the cold rising from the floor. Once you have this sorted get a good sleeping bag, there are many, I prefer a down filled bag that’s had hydrophobic treatment, so it performs in the damp conditions. However Synthetic bags have come a long way, in terms of pack size and warmth, so find down unethical, I would add that most manufactures have made sure that only ethical sourced down is used in their sleeping bags. A three-season sleeping with a comfort temperature of around 0°C or slightly below should be fine on low ground.
A water bottle on your stomach is effective way to keep your core warm, and I always put a clean dry pair of socks on before I get in my bag, it really helps keep my feet warm. A wholesome meal before bed is clever idea, avoid alcohol and don’t sit around and get cold before bed. When sitting around, use your sleeping bag, they’re great for keeping you warm. Firepits, if allowed are fun, marshmallows toasting, S’mores, hot chocolate and warmth, what more can you ask for?
Get some decent chairs that keep the draught from around your back and lightning, there’s plenty of good LED lights available now that give off bright light, this really helps in the dark nights. Have a head torch also, they’re brilliant for cooking with and going to the loo, they can also be hung up for extra light.
Cycling, Hiking, Get Active
Activities keep you and fit, they’re also activities for all, a cycle through the forest and walk in the woods are a little more special this time of years, find some Conkers, watch acorns fall, pooh sticks on a bridge.
Mud equals fun!
Have a sense of humou!
The most important thing is a sense of humour and adventure, we camp the year around Autumn and Winter are favourite times, it’s beautiful and quiet. We have also camped for Christmas, be different and try it!