22–23 Mar 2025 240 days to go! #GetOutside

An update on The National Outdoor Expo 2021 from Mike Seaman

Hi everyone,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this note, but unfortunately, we will have to delay the National Outdoor Expo until 19 & 20 March 2022.
We left it as late as we could to make this difficult decision but unfortunately with the new variant and the third lockdown it just feels a bit too risky to try and run the show in March. We have a rule inside the business that our shows are about ‘hugs and high-5s’ and we don’t feel confident that this would be possible in Spring 2021. We would rather wait and get it right than deliver an event that is anything less than awesome. We feel really hopeful about the fast-testing programme that the government is working on and also the pace at which the vaccine is being rolled out and we think that life will return to normal very soon. However, we understand that our exhibitors, partners and visitors need to plan in advance in order to deliver an event at the size and scale of the National Outdoor Expo which is why we have to make the decision now.
How will this affect you?
We consider ourselves to be very much part of the outdoor community and we want to protect you from any commercial impact of the show cancelling –

  1. If you are a visitor and you bought a ticket, then you will be contacted by See Tickets who will arrange a refund. You can also update your order with See Tickets here
  2. If you were given a free ticket to the show you will automatically be registered to attend the 2022 Expo and will also be given the opportunity to get a free ticket to The National Running Show South and/or the National Snow Show
  3. If you are an exhibitor, partner or sponsor, we will be in touch with you in due course to outline your options and to explore some cool new opportunities for you to promote your business and products

Our Digital Event
We understand that March is the right time for an event focussed on getting active outside and this is why we are waiting until next March for the exhibition to take place. However, we also have something really cool planned for this March on the original dates when the show was due to run. Keep an eye on Outside and Active on social for announcements coming soon!
I am very sorry that we aren’t able to deliver the show for you guys this year but I promise you that it is going to be worth the wait and that March 2022 is going to be EPIC!  We have already confirmed that THESE SPEAKERS will be there and THESE COMPANIES will be there too.
See you next March for hugs and high 5s!
Mike Seaman, CEO, Raccoon Events
P.S. If you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions then please do contact me directly at [email protected]