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5 Autumnal Outdoor Activities for kids this half term

5 Autumnal Outdoor Activities for kids this half term
With the leaves slowly turning into the most beautiful colours you’ve ever seen, and the mornings getting crisper and chillier, you’ll know that autumn is finally here! It’s one of our most favourite seasons of the year, and we can’t get enough of that ‘crunch’ you feel underneath your feet when you’re out exploring the big wide world.
With so much to explore at this time of year, we asked Lisa Joyce – Co Founder of the award winning outdoors kids clothing brand ‘Kidunk’ to share her top 5 outdoor activities and adventurers this half term!
1) Autumn Leave Crown
We absolutely love all the coloured leaves you get during autumn, those shades of greens, yellows and reds. Our adventurers love collecting all the different coloured leaves, in all shapes and sizes, then once they’ve collected them ask them to lay them out in front of them. You’ll then need to take a piece of craft paper and fold it into a band shape (head size) and add some double-sided tape on one side. Stick all your leaves on top to decorate your crown and use some tape to secure and fasten for a really royal effect!
2) Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder
When the weather starts to get a little chilly, it’s great to give those birdies a helping hand by creating a pine cone bird feeder. We like heading out into the forest beforehand to seek out some pine cones to use, to add that extra bit of adventure! You can check out our Reel here, for the full instructions.
3) Conker Collecting
Did you collect Conkers as a child? Yep, it’s a time honoured tradition and one that our explorers love doing too! Head out into the great outdoors and see how many conkers you can find out on your walk. You’ll be able to count them, look at the sizes and see who can find the funniest shape etc!  If you’ve got bigger adventurers you can help them play conkers too!
4) Pumpkin Picking
One thing we all think of during this time of year is HALLOWEEN! Why not head to your local pumpkin patch to search for a pumpkin to bring home and carve. Not only is it great fun looking at all the different shapes and sizes, you’ll also likely to find some MUD too and we all know how much adventurers love mud – make sure you’re kitted out in your Kidunk suits too!
5) Fly Sycamore Helicopters
Find some sycamore helicopters and throw them up in the air and watch them spin around and land! You’ll find them growing on trees like Field Maple, Ash trees and Sycamore trees in the UK. Why not have a helicopter race and see who’s helicopter is the quickest?