22–23 Mar 2025 271 days to go! #GetOutside

British Beekeepers Association

We are the British Beekeepers Association representing 30,000 beekeepers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are facing the biggest threat to beekeeping in the last thirty years in the form of the Yellow Legged Hornet. We are attending the expo because we need to raise awareness of the threat not only to beekeepers but to anybody that uses the great outdoors. We also hope to encourage people using the outdoors to be our eyes and ears in the fight to find nests so that they can be dealt with. The Hornet not only predates honey bees, it has a voracious appetite for all types of insects. Towards the end of the summer it goes insearch of sweet things such as top fruit and grapes. It can also be a threat to people who accidentally disturb a nest.