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Centre for Ethnoecology

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National Outdoor Expo 2025

At its core, ethnoecology explores how different cultures perceive, interact with, and manage their natural surroundings, with the Centre for Ethnoecology established as a hub of learning, research, and community engagement.

Situated at the intersection of anthropology, ecology, and cultural studies, this centre serves as a beacon for those interested in understanding the deep connections between people and the environment.

One of the primary focuses of the centre is to document and communicate the diverse ways of knowing plants, animals, ecosystems, and landscapes. This includes studying traditional agricultural practices, medicinal plant use, hunting and gathering techniques, and the spiritual and cultural significance of the natural world.

Through collaborative research projects, scholars at the Centre for Ethnoecology work to amplify the voices of those who have insights into sustainable land management practices and biodiversity conservation efforts.

Education is also a vital mission of the centre, as it seeks to raise awareness about the importance of ethnoecological knowledge in today’s world. Workshops, seminars, and courses offered by the centre provide a platform for students, researchers, and the public to engage with perspectives on ecology and conservation.

The Centre for Ethnoecology serves as a bridge between academia, communities, and broader society. It fosters dialogue, respect, and reciprocity in exchanging knowledge, recognising that traditional ecological knowledge holds immense value in addressing contemporary environmental challenges.

By understanding and respecting diverse ways of knowing, the Centre for Ethnoecology contributes to a more holistic and sustainable approach to our relationship with the natural world.