22–23 Mar 2025 240 days to go! #GetOutside

David Riley

Where the mind meets the mountains, time freezes, and the presence of peace is as forceful as it is mute. The wilds of mother nature support my body and true freedom is possible where no worries exist. The spirit of an Ultra runner demands the body to endure and the mind must be as strong as the rocks that carry the feet. The reward we collect for entering the extremes that most are not compelled to move into, is knowing the true scale of what is humanly possible for the mind, body and soul.
I have been to the darkest corners of the human mind. I have plunged into the dense blackness of depression and I tried to close my eyes for infinity. The internal battlefield does not rest up for the night or wait for daybreak to drop an air strike, there is no relief. The only way out of war is to find the strength to fight, from the inside out, day and night, to save your own life.
I like to use this paragraph from one of my interviews as it really portrays my journey, I’m an avid outdoor fan, lover of Adventure, Ultra Trail Runner and an Outdoor Professional…..