22–23 Mar 2025 338 days to go! #GetOutside

Elinor Bishop

I am a Mental Health Advocate, Writer and Public Speaker passionate about breaking down the stigma associated with Mental Health.
Following a breakdown and diagnosis of Anxiety, Depression and PTSD managing my mental health on a daily basis is a huge challenge with the pressures life brings, but accessing the outdoors as part of this has changed my life. Sharing this with others to inspire is a key focus as I believe that if I can inspire one person to talk about their mental health, that is a success.
A Mountain Leader, Outdoor Instructor, Adventurer, Paddler, Climber, Cyclist, Mountain Biker and general outdoor nut I am also proud to be an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion.
Everyone has their own mountain to climb and every step towards that is an achievement. It’s not all about bagging peaks, walking miles, adventure challenges, it’s about making the outdoors accessible to ALL as part of their mental and physical wellbeing.
My career previously was the polar opposite and the pressure of running Fashion/Textile Design Degree Programmes and working in the fashion/textile industry resulted in a mental breakdown.
Inspiring others through my role as an Ambassador for Ordnance Survey, Merrell, The Ramblers, TotalMTB and Not the Safe Route, my goal is to make everyone see that the outdoors has something for them, that it’s not all about the big adventure, it’s not all about being the first, fastest or going the furthest. In fact it’s about going slow, being part of something beautiful and taking time to focus on feeling good.