22–23 Mar 2025 278 days to go! #GetOutside

Gemma Davis (Camp Curiosity)

Camp Curiosity came into being in March 2022 and is borne out of a love for the outdoors, and more importantly, giving children the opportunity to explore nature.
Gem’s background is education and she left teaching to manage the Education Resource Centre at Fiddlers Ferry power station where she managed the nature reserve, organised community engagement sessions and outdoor events. Camp Curiosity aims to provide opportunities for children and families to get outdoors, to provide some of the essential skills and confidence to encourage adults to take their little people for outdoor adventures. Inspired by their little 8 yr old explorer, Marthy, Gem and Phill live as much of their lives outdoors as possible and when not running events, parties or attending festivals they can usually be found in a rockpool, up a mountain or in a woodland where they love outdoor cooking and immersing themselves in showing Marthy as much of the world as possible.