22–23 Mar 2025 271 days to go! #GetOutside

Jamie Ramsay

Jamie is an award-winning Endurance Adventure Athlete, presenter, public speaker and brand ambassador. He has completed over 51,000km of human-powered adventuring in 31 countries and 30 different adventures. He is a runner, bikbacker, hiker, ski tourer, paddleboarder and mountaineer.

About Jamie: After 12 years working for an international communications agency, he wasn’t happy with the direction of his life and realised if he didn’t make some drastic changes then things would continue to spiral downwards. His solution was to quit his job in 2014 (after being promoted to Partner), fly to Vancouver and run 17,000km to Buenos Aires solo and unsupported.

Following the success of this adventure, Jamie has dedicated his life to pushing his perceived boundaries. Each adventure he undertakes is designed to challenge him in new ways.

Over the years, Jamie has worked with a number of notable global and UK brands including Microsoft, Land Rover Mobile, Gore Wear, Cotswold Outdoor and Whole Earth.

Jamie’s Adventure CV:

 Jamie has completed 51,500km of human-powered adventures
 Jamie has completed 32 adventures in 31 countries.
 Since 2014, Jamie has run the equivalent of 484 marathons
 …and cycled the equivalent of cycling around the world

Running Adventures Completed: (20,680km)
•2004: Stockholm Marathon
•2006: Paris Marathon
•2011: Lewa Safari Marathon
•2013: 240km Vietnam Run (solo + unsupported)
•2014-15: 17,000km “Running the Americas” (solo + unsupported)
•2016: 700km Three Peaks Run (solo + unsupported)
•2016: 100km CCC with Mizuno
•2016: 430km Scottish Isles Run (solo + unsupported)
•2016: Endure24 (135km in 24 hours)
•2016: Medoc Marathon with The Wine Show
•2017-18: 265km Transalpine run (2017+2018)
•2018: 400km Cape Wrath Ultra (3rd)
•2018: 237km Towpath Challenge
•2018: 120km GR221 (solo + unsupported)
•2019: 620km Run across Iceland (unsupported)

Cycling Adventures Ridden: (29,693km)
•2016: 600km from Edinburgh to London
•2017: 3800km solo across South America
•2018: 500km UK Cycle tour
•2018: 900km from London to SW France
•2019: 4027km solo across Australia
•2020: 1900km solo ride to the Alps
•2021: 512km cycle to Andorra
•2021: 10,000 solo ride around the UK for Whole Earth + TeamGB
•2022: 7034km solo cycle across the USA
•2023: 420km solo cycle over Pyrenees in Winter

Hiking Adventures Trekked: (1200km)
•2017: 400km with camels in Mongolia
•2019: 800km of the Hayduke Trail in Utah

Mountains over 5000m Summitted:
•Aconcagua – 6962m
•Chimborazo – 6268m
•Cotopaxi – 5897m
•Cayambe – 5790m
•Illiniza Norte – 5126m
•Cerro Bonete – 5000m

Some non-adventure highlights:

•Being hugged by Prince Harry at the launch of Heads Together charity campaign
•Being kissed on the cheek by Holly Willoughby when interviewed on This Morning
•Handing out Duke of Edinburgh gold awards on behalf of the Earl of Wessex at Buckingham & St James’s Palace
•Giving a talk at the Edinburgh University TedX event
•Co-presenting The Wine Show
•Supporting CALM charity – Campaign Against Living Miserably
•Picking litter with Trash Free Trails
•Being Awarded Scottish Adventurer of the Year