22–23 Mar 2025 244 days to go! #GetOutside

Kevin Dent

I would like to think that all my life I’ve been active but at 39 I was self admittedly heading towards being stuck in a deep rut , overweight, generally unfit and couldn’t run 500meters ,trust me I tried.

So I decided to get myself in shape and become a role model for my kids. I needed a goal to work towards so I looked around for something that would put me out of my comfort zone and need training towards.  I booked a 20mile obstacle course race called Dirty Weekend at Burghley house just 6 months away. The training started with run/walks,finding new ways to push myself  and being outside more than the sofa, as previously stated this was initially all  about me getting physically fit but the training journey taught me the most valuable lesson I have ever learnt:- fitness, pushing your limits , testing yourself, being outside and living life to the full is by far more about becoming mentally fitter than just physically…


So that race came and went , I did the 20 miles, yes I was broken physically but I made new friends and unlocked new understandings.

I’m turning 45 this year and in that time have been an avid outdoors person , taking up climbing, especially bouldering , done many hikes and wild camps, many many more obstacle course races including racing at the world final for team UK in my age category and from all this i’ve come away with a new understanding of physical and mental health go hand in hand and want to help others along that journey. Im now training towards being a mental health coach/guide within active sport and outside activities. As part of being an ambassador I’m looking forward to meeting new people and broadening my horizons and life’s possibilities further and helping others into the outdoor active lifestyle