22–23 Mar 2025 279 days to go! #GetOutside

Kitiara Pascoe

There is nowhere I am more at home than in the great outdoors. Be that in a British forest, half way up an Andean volcano or in the middle of the ocean.
I’m not a natural adventurer though and I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to be. I was dragged up mountains and through woodlands throughout my childhood and much preferred to stay warm and cosy with a book at home.
But growing up within walking distance of a beach and a national park does rub off and I found myself intrinsically drawn back to the outdoors at university. I got into rock climbing, reestablished my love for cycling and hiking and never looked back.
From 2014 to 2017, I sailed 20,000 miles double-handed from the UK to Panama and back. I’d never sailed before and this tremendous voyage changed my understanding of the natural world forever. It’s not other, it’s not somewhere ‘else’ and we are not strangers in it.
Through my books, journalism, essays and content, I strive to inspire others to take themselves into the great outdoors and realise that it is home for them as well.