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Marta Misztal

Marta Misztal is a small-town girl with big dreams who went from Poland
to the world’s highest mountains. Raised by a single mom, Marta’s
childhood was humble, instilling values of hard work that led to her
remarkable story.

A teenage trip to London lit a fire in Marta, revealing a bigger world
beyond her small town and sparking a desire for great achievements.
Taking the plunge, she moved to London without a penny in her pocket and
no English, initiating an inspiring journey that would captivate many.

In London, Marta graduated from engineering, secured a job in finance,
and discovered her love for exploring new places. Sharing her adventures
on social media, she became the go-to person for hiking tips and
inspiration in a community fascinated by her mix of corporate life and
global exploration.

As Marta continued her travels, simply ticking off countries wasn’t
enough. Hungry for more, she set two significant goals. First, was to
conquer the 7 Summits challenge, of which she already completed 6,
including the mighty Mount Everest. The second challenge was ‘The Crown
of Europe,’ the highest peak in each European country, with half the
challenge already done. To make her journey even more unforgettable,
Marta organized group expeditions, bringing over 150 enthusiasts on 15+

Marta’s story isn’t just about reaching mountaintops; it’s a push for
action. Through social media and talks, she shares her story to inspire
and teach others to break barriers. Marta’s message is simple: no dream
is too big, no obstacle too scary. Her journey is proof that with
determination, you can dream big and live a life beyond limits.