22–23 Mar 2025 270 days to go! #GetOutside

Mike Dilger

Mike is an ecologist, natural history presenter and writer. He has a life-long passion for British and tropical flora and fauna, of which he has an encyclopaedic knowledge.
He is committed to bringing the beauty of the natural world to a broader audience with enthusiasm and insight, rather than sensation or gimmicks.
Over the last ten years he has worked as on-screen talent across a whole raft of wildlife programmes, appearing anywhere from BBC1 to Channel 5 and BBC Radio 4 to CBeebies. His current work sees him appearing on a regular basis as the wildlife reporter for both BBC1’s The ONE Show and before it’s untimely demise the  BBC’s Inside Out regional programming.
In addition to an encyclopaedic knowledge of British flora and fauna, Mike has acquired an expertise of the ecosystems of South and Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia as a result of extended work periods in these regions.
He is on a  mission is to reveal the beauty of the natural world to as broad an audience as possible through a combination of my trademark enthusiasm and immense knowledge. In addition to a range of broadcasting projects,  he is also an accomplished  public speaker and  is involved with many different writing projects.