22–23 Mar 2025 296 days to go! #GetOutside

Preet Chandi

Preet Chandi is a well-known British-born Indian explorer, physiologist, skier, and athlete. She recently completed her solo journey to the South trekking 700 miles across the ice in 40 days.
Chandi is also an ex-British army who joined the police force in 2007. Moreover, she started her expedition after serving the task force for 14 years.
Preet updated each and every moment of her journey via her Instagram handle. Besides the good sides, she has also posted some hurdles that she faced.
Chandi had the idea for more than 2.5 years but she restricted herself until 2021. She planned it ahead and trained for it as well. After completing the tough journey, she has now gained more confidence and faith in herself.
Following her successful journey to the pole, Preet is nicknamed Polar Preet. She has further become the first woman of color to go on a solo trip to the South pole.