22–23 Mar 2025 340 days to go! #GetOutside

Ronnie Staton

Ronnie has been working with goals for nearly 20 years after studying for a BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science Degree. Originally a Personal Trainer working with a range of clientele he began to see that similar mindset patterns clearly lead to an improved success rate in achieving targets and individual fulfilment. Over time Ronnie has become qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to better help individuals within this non-physical realm. Over the last decade Ronnie has been working to help physically and mentally prepare 100’s of ultra runners from around the UK tackling anything from 30 miles up to 300 miles. Over the last few years he has teamed up with Harrier to provide coaching materials and live talks. Ronnie personally loves to run long and he has successfully ran across England (190 miles), Wales (250 miles) and Scotland (215 miles) in a non-stop format. In 2024 he completed the Winter Spine Race (268 miles) in just under 5 days.