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Wayne Diffin

I am the Founder leader of the Guards Veterans Mountaineering and climbing. I set this up because veterans are commiting suicide at an alarming rate. It’s reported that as many as 22 take their own lives every week… but there are thousands more that struggle in other ways which could potentially lead to even more suicides.
The organisation is dedicated to promoting the mental health benefits of the mountains to Military veterans in an effort to encourage and inspire with hope that we are able to support them our way in their battle and recovery of mental health troubles such as PTSD, anxiety and depression further more we actively promote and support veterans in terms of highlighting outdoor alternative employment and also support with attaining equipment and clothing to make their induction more cost effective for them.
My plan is to address this before it happens by using the wow factor and feel good nature of hiking and climbing in the mountains. We are using the activities to encourage, Inspire and motivate veterans. To take up the sport  to give it a chance, to join us in the hills and experience something that has been the sole driving force of this organization. That amazing feeling we get from the hills is the sole reason we exist.  We want every veteran and soldier to experience it in the hope they too can benefit and who knows.. it may save some live. Some of our own team attribute their own survival to the mountains so we have experience and know for a fact that it really does work but we are also aware it’s not going to help everyone. All we can do is try our best and support each other however we can and this is my way lf doing that. Our way.  I see this as an Us doing what we can rather than an I’m  doing what I can.  Its very much a team effort.