22–23 Mar 2025 240 days to go! #GetOutside

Zoe Homes

Countryside, road-trip and mini-adventure lover, getting #OneHourOutside every day.
The outside is my sanity. It is where I go to escape, to breathe, to think, and (most importantly) to play. I am that normal woman in her (very) late 30s trying to squeeze in as much outdoors as I can in between everything else. I am proof that spending a little bit of time outside every day is good for us.
Being outdoors is essential for body, mind and soul – it helps me make good decisions, means I can be productive for longer at work and home, and gives me an opportunity to take in everything that nature has to offer me. Life is busy but the outdoors can and does help.
I’m pretty simple when it comes to being outdoors – I love to walk. Short walks, long walks, and multi-day walks. My absolute favourite are short walks with maximum satisfaction – a couple of hours and handful of miles in a circle with great views. Nothing too taxing or energetic, just good, honest, countryside walking.
I’m also a big fan of road tripping, by car and motorbike, and will sing the virtues of overlanding at any opportunity. Road tripping for me allows me to combine my love of big views with seeing the world in a slow and purposeful way, and I can’t wait until we’re allowed to get back out there again.
I am proud to be an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion 🙂